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About us

Krystynka Spa Sanatorium has been well-known to its patients for many years. Climatic conditions and historical graduation towers of Ciechocinek, natural inhalation with a unique microclimate and wonderful properties, have created convenient conditions for treatment and rest.

A correct diagnosis, an appropriate treatment, the effectiveness of the performed therapy, great hotel and nutrition conditions and especially your satisfaction with your stay is our motto.

Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe Krystynka Ciechocinek - OtoczenieSanatorium Uzdrowiskowe Krystynka Ciechocinek - Hol

With your comfort in mind we, as the first in Ciechocinek, have introduced free of charge and regular rides around Ciechocinek. We use an eco-friendly, low-noise tram to drive our guests to the most interesting places in Ciechocinek.

Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe Krystynka Ciechocinek - ekologiczny tramwajSanatorium Uzdrowiskowe Krystynka Ciechocinek - przejażdżki po Ciechocinku

The size of our Sanatorium was estimated optimally to create a family atmosphere, maintain lack of namelessness of our guests. Our many treatment facilities have been adapted to a wide spectrum of treatments.

Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe Krystynka Ciechocinek - przykładowy pokójSanatorium Uzdrowiskowe Krystynka Ciechocinek - Kącik

We want you to feel at home in our Sanatorium during your stay.

We specialize in the treatment of musculoskeletal system, rheumatic disorders, geriatric and ENT disorders. We rehabilitate people after strokes with altered neurological system, paresis, degenerative diseases and metabolic disorders.

For medicinal purposes medical spa uses:

  • natural healing materials such as mineral water, gases and peloids
  • natural factors such as climate, landscape, vegetation
  • various forms of muscle work
  • physical factors such as light, sound, electromagnetic field and others.

Therapy is remedial, regenerating and restoring to the body.

Treatment methods which we use for spa treatment are based on therapeutic stimuli. These methods and an active cooperation with the patient as well as physical properties of treatments tailored to the patients’ needs guarantee success. The majority of chronic diseases are better treated at the spa since used herein treatment methods do not cause side effects.

All of the treatment facilities are located in our building.

Krystynka Spa Sanatorium, which is a limited liability company, can accommodate up to 144 people. It is open all year long.

The four-storey building is equipped with a lift and has 72 rooms (single and double rooms, of studio type and suites), of which 10 are adapted to physically disabled people. We have rooms with air conditioning (extra charge).

All rooms have private bathrooms with a sanitary unit and a balcony.  To make your stay more pleasant rooms are equipped with TV (cable TV), radio, telephone, fridge, kettle, hairdryer, bathrobes, towels, sunbeds. We have cots for small children. We also rent bikes and other sports and recreational equipment.

We accept following card payments : VISA, VISA Elektron, V PAY, MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Elektronic, Diners Club, JCB, POLCARD.

We provide a monitored car park on the sanatorium area.

You can spend the afternoons playing billiard and ping-pong or in our cafe.

Our cuisine provides proper and tasty food.

We cultivate friendly atmosphere in all spheres of our activity.

Krystynka Spa Sanatorium
16 Polna Street
87-720 Ciechocinek

Email: krystynka@ciechocinek.pl
Phone: +48542836221